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Do you know how long it took the Sistine Chapel to be painted? That’s right, Rob and I are right on par with Michelangelo in creating works of art. It doesn’t really seem like you’ve hit it off enough to invite yourself over to her place. We have spotted poor blokes who were left pining for an ATM at cash-only bars, and we have felt sorry fo them. You open up and share the story of you, you give her a picture of what it’s like to be you and spend time with you. When you talk about yourself like this, it de-strangerfies you. You stop by, say hi to some friends and have another drink, your night is slowing down and that’s fine, That’s what it does. She hesitates, testing you, seeing if you’ll own it. What made the second one more successful was basically two things: 1) better conversation and 2) logistical escalation.

We still have a ways to go until the whole thing is done, but we at least wanted to give you an idea of what to expect. All of this makes her feel like she knows you, so she starts sharing too. Feel free to give a sincere answer, but don’t get technical (unless she also understands the intricacies of ferro-magnetic data storage algorithms). When she doesn’t think of you as a stranger, she won’t treat you like a stranger. Logistical escalation is the use of timing, people and places around you to advance you toward sex.

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So what if this is the first glimpse of the Logistics Book since Rob and I started talking about it four years ago? Also, bring cash and a credit card so you can use either as needed. She starts with the small talk but you avoid it: “Yeah it was windy but I didn’t notice it because today I finally think I figured out how to…” You tell a story – about yourself – that gives her an idea of your personality. ***** So the above stories have shown the same date ending two different ways.

Johnny - age 36 (DAD) - Interests are family, hot rod cars, sports cars, hiking, biking, music, being in the outdoors, family parties, fishing, camping and spending every minute with family.It’s important to work on keeping this speed value as low as possible.Information : Charset : ASCII was the first character encoding standard (also called character set). v=-l PIs WGWLn E Sarah - age 36 (MOM) - Interests are family, reading books, Gardening, sewing, cooking, and playing games with the family.Az - age 4 - Interests are PIZZA PIE CAFE, Screaming, running, building with legos, drawing, coloring, swimming, throwing a ball, hot rod cars, matchbox cars, monster trucks, balloons, yoda, lego guns, light sabers, Star Wars, Disney movies, and ac/dc music.

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