Who keri hilson is dating

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If you ever wondered, who is dating hot singer Keri Hilson, we have an answer.

Her current boyfriend is basketball player Serge Ibaka.

Keri Hislon is an American singer, songwriter actress and model and she was born on the date of 5 December 1982.

She was born and raised in Decatur, Georgia, and spent most of her youth working with producer Anthony Dent, as a songwriter and background vocalist for several R&B and hip hop artists.He recently posted in Instagram a photo of them hugging with comment saying that he had to get his girl back.As you can see from dating history chart above, Serge wasn’t first boyfriend.Blige, with the production and songwriting team, The Clutch.In 2006, Hilson signed with American rapper and producer Timbaland's record label, Mosley Music.

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