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Having a little background noise can be hot, as well as downright convenient in some cases. Sweet as it is, some men can get so distracted in their thoughts that they forget to stay hard. During a fast song, you may both find your bodies naturally moving to its beat, making for perfectly in-unison sexual swagger. Not only will it shield your roommates from your awkward sex noises, but also when done consistently, it will let your mates know you’ve signaled it’s time for nookie – giving them the perfect opportunity to leave the house, if they wish. Women who have trouble orgasming find it easier to achieve their peak when music is on in the background, because it helps them relax.

In this case, music provides that perfect balance of white noise that’ll keep him distracted while keeping you moaning. Not only will they not be so focused on having an orgasm *which can distract a girl right out of one!

This service is for production companies only – not audiences.

London Bridge : 45 mins London Victoria : 55 mins St Pancras to Ebbs Fleet: 15 mins, plus 20 mins by road.

More than 100,000 people watched it despite Kwabs having stepped out of obscurity.

No wonder a manager got in touch.“I’ve always sung but I got the itch to be an artist about two-and-a-half years ago when I put out that tune,” explains the 24-year-old in a café near his home in Southwark. BBC Radio 1xtra tipped him as one of its Hot For 2014 artists, as did MTV.

Here the Bermondsey boy talks to Lucy Brisbane about the teacher who spotted his talent and how it all started on You Tube Like so many things now, it all started with a You Tube video.

"So I recorded it on my mobile phone in my bedroom at about 10pm [on February 10]. I said: 'I love you.' She just said she wanted me to be happy, but she could not speak very much because her breathing was laboured.

I looked the lyrics up on my computer – it was the first time I had seen them. "She was upset by what she would miss – our [her three children's] weddings, having grandchildren.

Kwabs, as he is known, sits in a magnolia-bland room on a brown sofa with his friend Todd Oliver, two mics set up in front of them.

He says, in soothing tones, “We’re going to do a cover of [Corinne Bailey Rae’s] Like a Star for you.” Then he’s off and his deep voice courses through the song.

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