Who is don cornelius dating

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Don Cornelius, the prominent television host of “Soul Train” from the early 1970s until the early 1990s, is remembered for exposing television viewers to a number of soul music artists of the era, such as James Brown.However, prior to his passing in 2012, he had a more recent headline in the news related to his personal life.“It was reported as a suicide, a self-inflicted wound,” said Ed Winter, Los Angeles County assistant chief coroner, The Times reported.“I have investigators at the hospital.” Cornelius started the show “Soul Train” in Chicago in 1970.Aretha Franklin, an early performer on the show, told People: 'It's just so sad, stunning and downright shocking...

They made the 'Soul Train' dance - where people lined up on two sides and others sashayed down the middle to show off their moves - a cultural flashpoint.

He had been arrested in Los Angeles in October of 2008 for a felony domestic violence charge.

Soon after, the producer was charged with spousal abuse and eventually ordered not to go near his estranged wife, Victoria Avila-Cornelius.

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I HAVE actually met and dated real men from the site. We dated for maybe two or three months and then he had some kind of meltdown because I didn't have sex with him on a date. I found out he was bisexual later, when a male friend (who is gay) ran across the guy I'd dated when he (my friend) responded to a craigslist ad.

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