White supremacy online dating

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The website, WASP Love, bills itself as a place for people who identify with various forms of white supremacy—”Traditional Christian, white nationalism, heritage, preservation, Quiverfull, Confederate, Southern Nationalist, Christian Identity, Kinism, alt-right”—to find like-minded mates for “dating, courtship [and] marriage.” “Finally!

The dating site for those wishing to preserve their heritage,” the site’s founder, whose handle on the site is @Stonewall, wrote in an inaugural post when WASP Love launched in February.

If you’re looking for love and also happen to believe in the superiority of the white race, you’re in luck: There is now a dating website for white supremacists.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, many of its members are on Team Trump in this year’s presidential election.

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Liberals, progressives and anti-racists use the phrase “white supremacy” to describe the overt and subtle racist practices of movement conservatism in the post-Civil Rights era, and how American society is still structured around maintaining and protecting white privilege.

This analysis is largely correct: however, it often conflates concepts such as racism, white privilege, and white supremacy with one another. In the age of Obama, the phrase “white supremacy” is often used in political discussions like an imprecise shotgun blast or a blockbuster bomb.

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