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Girl Scout cookies are produced at two places: ABC Bakers, of Richmond, Va., and Little Brownie Bakers, of Louisville, Ky.

So the type of S'mores cookie you've tried depends on which manufacturer made them. The S'mores made at ABC Bakers are square, crispy cookies with a graham cracker covered in a white frosting and inside a chocolate shell.

The Virginia Tech women’s soccer team boasts a roster of talented, skilled and interesting student-athletes.

In an effort to learn more about their lives on and off the pitch, Hokie will interview select Virginia Tech women’s soccer players each week.

In the Charlotte area, we checked-- our S'mores cookies are the latter mentioned above, the graham cracker sandwich with a marshmallow and chocolate layer in the center.

KR: Everything is much smaller here, very much a tight knit community. BP: My favorite spots to go on campus is definitely Thompson Field and the practice fields (it relieves my stress).

It’s a town where everyone knows each other, which is not where I was raised at all. I also like Turner and Dunkin Donuts because I love food and coffee. JT: I started playing soccer when I was four years old.

JT: The country atmosphere that Blacksburg holds is very different from my hometown of Voorhees, New Jersey.

I live very close to the city of Philadelphia, so coming south was an adjustment, but I love it! I like to go for runs there because it is nice to take a break from everything and be by myself.

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