User novell webaccess not updating

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In v5.2, the install files are part of the download, but in v5.3, they are on the desktop of the local Netmail user.

For the installation, the paths that must be accessed during the installation are at the following locations: CSS or Templates – c:\novell\groupwise\Tomcat5.5\webapps\gw\WEB-INF\classes\templates\webacc\css Providers -- c:\novell\groupwise\Tomcat5.5\webapps\gw\WEB-INF\classes\com\novell\webaccess\providers Images -- C:\Novell\Group Wise\tomcat5.5\webapps\gw\webaccess0905140533\images (the folder name under Web Access will vary, but the images folder will be inside it.)The locations to copy files 'from and to' are specified below. GWANWP #------------------------------------------------------------------------------ # Specify the provider's templates folder.

Group Wise Web Publisher automatically and dynamically converts the document to HTML for your users when they request the document from their World-Wide Web browser.The instructions below explain how to install the Web Viewer manually with Group Wise 8 on Windows.Note that the install files are in different locations, depending on whether Netmail 5.2 or 5.3 is deployed.On the Netware server console I typed again, Apache2was still not listed.I was fairly certain this was an Apache, not Groupwise Webaccess problem, so I checked out the most recent error_log file in my Sys:\Apache2\logs folder, where I found the following message: I did some searching and came across TID 3209228 Apache for Netware will NOT load any longer.

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