Updating sky plus box

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Just swipe right on the circular touchpad, followed by the Back button, and the light will temporarily switch off.

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You will get an onscreen message “Updating System Software” on your TV.

After the software has been downloaded, the box will switch “off” automatically and the single red light will be illuminated.

This happened to me when I forgot I'd left a series record set, it filled up the drive, and the green light wouldn't come on until I'd reset the box.

Many people assume the sky box has packed up, and buy a new one, or call an engineer when all that's needed is a reset.

Now release the “backup” button and the box will go into the “download” mode.

Buy or upgrade now: Sky Q at Many Sky Q users find the blue light on the front of the box to be distractingly bright.

Sadly, there's no option to turn it down or off permanently, but there is a work-around you can try.

Sky don't tell you about this one because there are 5 things to tell you, the usually go straight for the "nuclear" option that loses all your data. (Do NOT do anything in between or else you will lose all your saved programmes and recordings) on your sky box while you plug the socket back into the mains.

As you plug the socket back in press the BACKUP button on the box at the same time (not on the remote) and hold it. Wait until all the lights come on the front of the box. Wait a full 10 minutes or until the lights go out then switch on from the remote.

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