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The script will initialize the web-widget based on the app, platform and language options you selected while generating the widget embed-code.Additionally, you can customize the appearance of the web widget button.This is for a reason, so you might consider this a hack/quick fix.We poll for the iframe to become ready, and append the stylesheet to its head.

(window.angular = ), angular Module, node Name_, uid = ['0', '0', '0']; /** * IE 11 changed the format of the User Agent string.That being said the only way for me to subtract hours from my day work and keep implementing this script is through donations.If you find this widget useful and wish to support future development, please consider a donation.Maybe I'll look into doing a PR for a custom locator that allows you to select an option by it's value, then you can do whatever you want with that option. For now this function does a good job at selecting options, even ones who's option values are dynamic based on other conditions.On our site, we have a "Select Product" which changes the values of the next option "Select Edition" and it works great.

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