Updating environment strings

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If you specify a name, AWS Cloud Formation converts it to lower case.If you don't specify a name, AWS Cloud Formation generates a unique physical ID and uses that ID for the DB instance. Important If you specify a name, you cannot perform updates that require replacement of this resource.Can you tell us more about the specific scenario that isn't working?

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The non-mobile stuff is here (hint: you get jerked back by the power cord after 3 feet and your arms start to ache after 10 minutes with non-mobile stuff) or click on any right menu link for the browser/section.For more information, see Prevent Updates to Stack Resources.Indicates whether to copy all of the user-defined tags from the DB instance to snapshots of the DB instance.It is quite possible that you may need to get package updates through a proxy, or even get some package updates through a proxy and access other packages not through a proxy.Or maybe a script you might wish to call may also need certain environment variables set to run properly.

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