Updating a dresser

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She then screwed in the handles and sliced the sticker along the drawers' edges with a craft knife so the drawers would open. She centered her 16- by 39-inch decal and adhered it to the dresser with a burnisher (a credit card would also do).

Just add a fun paint color and use the exposed space for game storage or a book shelf. Add a graphic punch to a console or end table with a couple of silhouette cut-outs.To do this project, paint the cabinet or vanity a solid color, add trim around the edges of the door fronts, then attach the plywood his-and-hers silhouettes with liquid bonding adhesive.Design by Brian Patrick Flynn The high-gloss, bright-pink finish makes this piece a showstopper.Before its makeover, this TV stand previously featured a natural yellow pine finish.It took some sanding, a spray coat of tinted primer and two coats of sprayed hot-pink lacquer to give it its one-of-a-kind finish.

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