Updating a 70 s contemporary house

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Today’s modern mid-century bedroom pays homage to the best of the 1970s by mixing it with updated details for a sleek, colorful look.Designing a bedroom with '70s-style decor allows for a lot of creativity and personalization in mixing the colors, prints and textures of the time.But I kinda ran out of time (duty called) before I could share the finished living room.

If there is anything that defines the decor of the '70s, it is the color palette that has been all but retired since.The choice of low and linear fireplaces, and uncluttered walls allows the homeowners to showcase their art collection and by keeping the upholstery to a soft grey hue, the amazing yellow landscape above the fireplace is allowed to triumph over the room.Just past the living room is the main entrance lined with 4 floor vases filled to the brim with flowers backed by a stone tiled wall that travels through the glass entry in the foyer to become part of the porch’s façade.The era of the '70s called for the end of blonde wood and the introduction of “dark” woods (which are really medium compared to the modern espresso finish), teak and walnut.Today’s updates incorporate these materials with clean, sleek shapes.

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