Tfs workspace not updating

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Previous columns have talked about Team Foundation Version Control and workspaces, which define where code files are stored locally while being edited.

Before Team Foundation Server 2012, all workspaces were considered "Server" workspaces; in essence, in a Server workspace, when a file's retrieved from TFS, TFS tracks which version of the file's on the local machine, and the file is set to read-only.

Today I had need to explicitly remove a TFS 2015 workspace. Get a list of all workspaces (you can refine further if needed) This will return a list of all workspaces including the Owner of the workspace.

I was troubleshooting a build and wanted to completely remove any workspace the build service might be using. Find the name of the workspace you want to delete and also pay attention to the owner name. Use the following command to delete the specific workspace.

This improves the offline story with TFS significantly, as you no longer encounter issues with editing read-only files.

Workspaces, then select your workspace (it should match your computer name) and click Edit.

The following features are currently not available in version 3.1 (as compared with 2.4): Build Type editing support.

Version 4.5 of Team Foundation Sidekicks is available for Visual Studio 2012, Team Foundation Server 2012 and Team Foundation Service.

Each version of TFS has made strides to make offline work easier, but, by design, Server workspaces work best with an online connection into TFS. Server workspaces are still available, and work exactly has they have in previous versions.

However, TFS 2012 now contains a new type of workspace, called a Local workspace.

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