Tell me about yourself answers dating

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Often, when someone says “so, tell me about yourself,” your mind goes blank.The options are so vast that it may be difficult to choose which details you might share with a new acquaintance.I asked this of a young woman seated across from me, watching her expression turn from nervousness to pure, undiluted panic.In a stuttering voice, she began to talk about her two children, her life as a single mother, and how long she’d been in town, before it all came to a jumbled crash and she asked me just what on earth it was I wanted to know. It’s my job to help people get back into the workforce and I’ve conducted mock interviews well into the triple digits, almost all with the same reaction to that prompt.It’s perhaps the single most commonly asked interview question, and certainly the most important.In spite of that, more than anything else, it’s the question that continues to trip us up.Emma Wells has been writing professionally since 2004.She is also a writing instructor, editor and former elementary school teacher.

Instead, it will turn you into one of her texting buddies very quickly.When telling someone about yourself, you want to keep the description upbeat and positive.Whether you’re in a job interview or on a first date, you’re marketing yourself, so you want the advertisement to be intriguing and relatable.“I have more than five years of experience as a technical project manager at top Wall Street companies.Most recently, I led the development of an award-winning new trading platform.

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