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John Titor’s story was painted in the dulcet, midnight colors of Coast to Coast AM, driven by a community’s desire to believe, if just for a moment, that time travel was possible.

Over the years, the mythology became mired, polluted by impostors and opportunists.

The concept of community conservation has become an unofficial “theme song” of my internship; some piece of my work could always be traced back to it.

For those who aren’t familiar with the concept or haven’t read my previous blog post, community conservation is an approach to land conservation that represents the diversity of peoples and their needs in communities across the world.

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In the first half, astro-economist Mitchell Scott Lewis, who has accurately predicted major financial events, talked about how he has used astrology to advise Wall Street power brokers and clients all over the world.

Lewis said in the 1970s he successfully predicted the price of oil rising from to 0/barrel as Pluto transited through Sagittarius.

Twenty-five people from ten land trusts gathered at the Alnoba Lodge (Alnoba comes from an indigenous word for “Change”) for a day of high-level discussion and peer-to-peer learning as part of an ongoing discussion about community conservation.2015 is three years away, and steadily approaching.Is there a scenario brewing that may lead us down this dark path?We’ll begin with one of the few Titor predictions we’ve yet to reach, simply by virtue of it still being in the future. He’d grown up in Florida, and experienced both a domestic conflict and a worldwide nuclear war.Their effects were disastrous, and much of Titor’s story involves his contempt for the people of our time period; he viewed us as sheep who did nothing to prevent the horrors that followed.

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