Sql sp4 validating user

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The combination of the DAC definition and the database form a DAC instance.

If you register a database as a DAC on a managed instance of the Database Engine, the registered DAC will be incorporated into the SQL Server Utility the next time the utility collection set is sent from the instance to the Utility Control Point.

It gets stuck no matter whether I use Windows authentication or an sa password. I've tried googling it with no results whatsoever!!

It gives the below error in bootstrap log.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Product : Database Services (MSSQLSERVER)Product Version (Previous): 3042Product Version (Final) : Status : Failure Log File : C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\Setup Bootstrap\LOG\Hotfix\SQL9_Hotfix_KB955706_sqlrun_log Error Number : 1642Error Description : Unable to install Windows Installer MSP file11/18/2011 .964 MSP returned 1642: The installer cannot install the upgrade patch because the program being upgraded may be missing or the upgrade patch updates a different version of the program.

For more information about the types of objects supported in a DAC, see DAC Support For SQL Server Objects and Versions.

DAC registration cannot be performed if a DAC is already registered for the database.

For example, if the database was created by deploying a DAC, you cannot run the Register Data-tier Application Wizard.

If you want to use this method, skip this section and go to Section 16.0, Installing a ZENworks Primary Server on Linux.

Ensure that the server where you plan to install the external database fulfills the requirements in Section 2.0, Database Requirements and Prerequisites for External Databases.

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