Speed dating in davenport iowa

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But if there were such a song, Marlene Janssen would be the one to sing it. four years ago, it was in search of “something new.” But she was wary.

Of course, the song would have to be bellowed in Marlene’s car on the L. freeways - the only place she appears in concert - at high volume and at high speed.

Riverside Casino & Golf Resort is helping seniors faced with this dilemma by hosting a Speed Dating event on April 10th at a.m. Pre-registration for the event is preferred and you can do that at

Ruby Dickey, Special Events Coordinator at Riverside, told 94.1 KRNA, “We want to provide entertainment for seniors and provide them with a place to meet.

But if you'd like to get to know me more just message me :) Im outgoing, fun, and spontaneous. Marlene dipped a toe into modeling waters and found them pleasant. I could have gotten hurt, but it was the principle. A., with a three-year-old car, 0 and the call of destiny in her ear. And when those guys saw two girls run up with their fingernails and flying feet, they ran. In the ongoing battle between the country girls and the big cities, she is proving herself a formidable adversary. I'm very affectionate, compassionate and romantic and I promise you won't … I never really know what to say in things like this but I'm really just a silly, open minded, go with the flow kind of girl. I can be spontaneous at times and I like going to new places and trying new things so I guess you can say I'm a bit adventureous.

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