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premiered at Cannes in 2003, the audience was shown a film that guaranteed they would never forget who Chloe Sevigny is.

In the film she gives her co-star Vincent Gallo an actual beej (that's short for blow job) and has since confirmed that it is indeed real.

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This is the bizarre moment a young couple were caught on camera 'having sex' while riding a motorcycle.

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Thanks, Actors Karl Glusman and Aomi Muyock not only have actual, unchoreographed sex in the 2015 film but director Gaspar Noe decided to make it 3D, too.

—the company also invented the Siime Eye, which wirelessly connects to your laptop or phone through Wifi and costs a grotesque 9.

Here's a preview of what you've been missing out on: In other news, our horoscope predicts sex tape production will increase by 23 percent in the next six months. You should also check out: Good Vibrations: The History of the Sex Toy Should Students Have Watched a Woman Orgasm?

If you see one, the police advise you to report it straight away.

The devices are selling on Amazon for as little as £8 and feature tiny cameras that are barely visible, NBC reports.

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