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In 1820, while on a multi-year whaling hunt in the South Pacific, a sperm whale rammed the ship with its colossal head—twice. The crew scrambled to retrieve food, water and the navigational equipment essential for finding their way to land. The others drifted helplessly, carrying their desperate cargo; in Pollard’s boat, the men survived by shooting and eating one of their mates.Safe in the ship’s three whaleboats, the stunned captain made a fatal mistake. The castaways were finally picked up by a whaler after 95 days adrift.Highly exclusive amateur videos with solo men when jerking off during live sessions with other females or males.Our goal is to provide easy, comprehensive personal service, and guaranteed financial savings to those buying a new vehicle.

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Instead of making a beeline for the Marquesas Islands 1,200 miles away, which he believed were inhabited by cannibals, Pollard decided to sail for the coast of South America, more than 3,000 miles away. Only eight of the original 20 crew lived to tell the tragedy.

To get a proper feel for life aboard a 19-century whaling ship, Philbrick, Howard and screenwriter Peter Morgan visited the Mystic Seaport Museum to inspect the Charles W.

Morgan (probably no relation), America’s oldest wooden commercial vessel still afloat.

The director toured the main deck, with its giant copper try-pots for rendering sperm whale blubber into oil, and the low-ceilinged hold where the casks of oil were stored.

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