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, telling the paper that despite practitioners’ increasing push for public acceptance and legal recognition, all is not well behind closed doors.

“The only way that I can explain it is like living with adultery on a daily basis, and having the woman come home,” said Marion Munn, who spoke to the after a federal judge struck down Utah’s anti-cohabitation law, which the state had previously used to prosecute polygamists.

When you take premarital sex off the table (so to speak), on what basis do single men engage with single women?

I had a dream during my freshman year at BYU that I was in an arranged marriage, honeymooning in my parents’ house (ah, the romance! When it was time for bed, my new husband came into my room wearing flannel pajamas with horses all over them.

It is not biased, it's a non partial straightforward viewpoint, so you can decide for yourselves without prejudiced what you feel about their belief system.

I knew nothing of this when I started writing this blog, I simply enjoyed the show.

Yet not one divorced her "first husband" when Smith was alive. Although the current Mormon leaders are very quiet about the matter of polygamy, it is still very much a part of their theology.

Indeed, they continued to live with their civil spouses while married to Smith. Toward the end of Smith's life, knowledge of his secret marriages began to leak out. filed suit against the church leader for living 'in an open state of adultery' with 19-year-old Maria Lawrence. Joseph Smith's revelation on plural marriage, , section 132, is still printed in the LDS scriptures.

I felt like Elizabeth Bennett on her wedding night if she had married Mr. When you marry to fill a role, the theory is that anyone will do, so long as they are worthy.

Even though Joseph Smith had already married several women, he did not dictate his famous revelation on eternal marriage and polygamy until 1843 ( on Smith's polygamy we read: In identifying 33 well-documented wives of [Joseph] Smith — other researchers have placed the figure as high as 48 — Compton found that in the case of 11 women, Smith's polygamy was polyandrous.

That is, the women were married and cohabiting with their husbands, who mostly were faithful Mormons, when Smith married them. (, August 6, 1862) With mounting pressure from the government for the Mormons to obey the laws of the land, the LDS Church abandoned the practice in 1890, although several leaders secretly took additional wives after that date (#101 Messenger, 1890 Manifesto).

"If one superimposes a chronological perspective, one sees that of Smith's first 12 wives, nine were polyandrous...." Compton, a practicing Mormon...spent much of the 1990's combing pioneer records, diaries and reminiscences.... In a speech a month before his death, Smith responded by flatly denying polygamy, which was illegal under federal law. Because the Lord introduced it to his servants in a revelation given to Joseph Smith, and the Lord's servants have always practiced it. This leads to a certain amount of confusion as to when something is supposed to be considered doctrine.

Eleven of Smith's wives were between ages 14 and 20, nine were in their 20s, eight were in Smith's own peer group of 31 to 40, two were in their 40s and three in their 50s. "What a thing it is for a man to be accused of committing adultery, and having seven wives, when I can only find one," he said. When Larry King interviewed President Hinckley in 1998 about current polygamy among the various splinter groups he responded: I condemn it, yes, as a practice, because I think it is not doctrinal. And this church takes the position that we will abide by the law.

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