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The NSA also works with numerous companies to gather decryption keys or to insert backdoor surveillance technology into applications.Earlier Snowden document news reports identified some of the biggest Internet companies — Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Yahoo!"We aren't using Kinect to snoop on anybody at all," said Microsoft's Phil Harrison.alleged that Microsoft gave government agencies access to private Skype video and audio calls, perhaps even going so far as to integrate Skype into the NSA's controversial PRISM surveillance system.

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---END LOG--- ---BEGIN LOG--- OWNER: WU, HENRY DATE: 05/12/1994 1215 CST SUBJECT: LYSINE NOTES: THERE MUST BE A HICCUP IN THE LYSINE CONTINGENCY SOMEWHERE. JUST A DECADE AGO NO ONE HAD BELIEVED WE'D HOLD THE TECHNOLOGY WE USE TODAY. OUR RESEARCHERS IN SAN DIEGO (BRIDGES & CURTIS, ET AL.) HAVE GIVEN ME THE NEWS THAT OUR PROTOTYPE IRON ANALYZER READ INTO OUR RECENTLY UNCOVERED FOSSILIZED MOSASAUR SKELETON AND HAS SHOWN SIGNS OF TRACEABLE DNA FRAGMENTS.Whats App users may be shocked to discover that a serious flaw in the encryption used by the popular app could allow messages to be intercepted.New research from the University of California, and shown to the Guardian, claims that Whats App owners Facebook and others could read messages using a security back door in the system. Your phone faces the inside of a pocket, a purse, or lies flat on a table.But the Microsoft Kinect, a camera that will come connected to every new Xbox One game console, gets a perfect view of your living room.

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