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The Oompa-Loompas are from Loompaland, which Mr Wonka describes as a terrible place.

"Nothing but thick jungles infested by the most dangerous beasts in the world - hornswogglers and snozzwangers and those terrible wicked whangdoodles," he tells Charlie Bucket and the other Golden Ticket winners.

It used to have real people leaving messages for each other. And if you mouse over the little home page icon, you see why; I’ve highlighted one below: The fact that webspammers will find and attack a one-off application is very telling.

But it also lets you add a link to a webpage, so this fun service has been inundated with people trying to get links. It shows that if you run a site that lets anyone add a regular link, webspammers will eventually find your site and spam it as well.

Charlie Bucket, whose family is poor, stares through the window as the shop owner sings "The Candy Man".

Walking home, he passes Willy Wonka's chocolate factory.

As each winner is heralded to the world on TV, a man whispers to them.

After he tells Grandpa Joe about the tinker, Joe tells him that Wonka locked the factory because other candy makers, including archrival Arthur Slugworth, sent in spies disguised as employees to steal his recipes.

Oompa-Loompas are the small folks from the original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

I think that the dating service is just a gag; it’s a fun way that people can play around and pretend to be oompa loompas.

Nofollow is recommended anywhere that links can’t be vouched for.

If your logs analysis program shows referrers as hyperlinks, I’d recommend using nofollow on those links.

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