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Whether you’re looking for drinking buddies, hiking partners, dining companions, a friend to see a movie with or a new BFF, US residents check out this great social networking resource!!Also keep up to date with them on twitter and facebook.i Freelance is the premier place for independent professionals looking for freelance work.Whether you have experience in proofreading, art jobs or data entry, i Freelance is the hub where you can meet entrepreneurs and sell your freelancing skills.Frankly, all those aforementioned deep-seated issues are still very much alive and kicking, therapy be damned.

Will pass on the word about your website every chance I get!Two sisters named Aimee and Nicole had the same problem : awesome friends moving away, getting new jobs, getting married, starting new lives on different sides of the country.know how it goes. They found that going to meetups and activity groups were too impersonal. Aimee and Nicole decided to start up Not4as a way to connect with other people who had the same sort of interests and who were genuinely looking for platonic friendships – not for romantic dates!"The dialogue that occurs online is much more shallow and transient.It's like comparing an artificial sweetener to honey, or instant coffee to slow-brewed." I suspected as much, but I wanted to see for myself.1.

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