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Every girl wrote her name with their crush’s surname at least once. Their name was EVERYWHERE from trees to the toilet wall. Whether in a relationship or fancying someone from afar, here are some of the most embarrassing things we all did back then in the name of a 1 week relationship. Back in a time when there wasn’t an app to do it all automatically, we went through the pain-staking ritual of cutting out photographs and making little scrapbooks for this person that we would adore for 6. You got a bit of a reputation if you did this more than three times a month. If you were really interested in someone would you insist on a form of communication that makes the person you are interested in uncomfortable?Why even waste all that time talking about how to get to know each other instead of actually getting to know each by simply responding to my initiation?I had no idea what it was but googled it and started a conversation with him by sending him the next line, like, “Yeah, I totally get and enjoy this song too, fellow human. But mainly I used things like High Tower Text or Garamond, before I got obsessed with Penguin Classics and Gill Sans.

I suppose I wanted it to convey the fact that I was upbeat to the point of mental illness, which feels starkly opposed to my current self.

We might all feel a bit of an ‘awww’ coming on when we see a young couple who are clearly besotted with each other and feeling the first rushes of that crazy little thing called love, but our own memories of the dating game as a teenager are much less romantic.

In fact, they make us cringe so hard that we’ve pulled something in our neck. ’ that got everyone guessing to the OTT ‘I love you forever and alwayz IDST 4. For when you were too shy to say it, confectionery could do it in your place.

As I remember it, a lot of my peers had a similarly flippant approach to mental health at the time with usernames like “x XJust ALittle Bit Mental Xx”.

iwalkalonelyroad: I used quotes from song lyrics – mainly by Green Day, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Avril Lavigne, Evanesence..god, I had terrible music taste as a teenager.

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