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Partly, it's just that "bitch" means nothing worse than "ill-tempered woman", while the other words have very strong sexual connotations.

An actual Bitch - a canine, not a human - displays a couple of behaviors, especially when in heat.

This may coincide with the fact that his partner makes more money, is more intelligent, charming, or attractive, has a better family or social life, or is more capable, accomplished or respected than him.

This further deflates his naturally low self-esteem, so he cheats to make himself feel better. Men who cheat do not consider the feelings of the person they are cheating on.

Hopefully it's clear from the context what's intended, and most of the time a daughter would be complaining only about ill temper.

"Slut" as a comparative example, refers exclusively to sexual [email protected]: I disagree about your ordering. The concept may be distasteful, and calling someone a skank may be as hurtful as call them a bitch, but the word itself doesn't have the stigma value that bitch does.

It can be carried out to a person’s face, behind their back or through the use of technology.

making fun of someone for being homosexual) - their body (e.g.

The Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 created two new offences of stalking involving fear of violence or serious alarm or distress Department for Education statistics show that in 2009/10, there were 3,330 exclusions for sexual misconduct.

In 2010/11, a further 3,030 children were excluded for the same reason.

' Bitch' is considered a swear word, not terribly taboo. be thrown around among close friends in a humorous way - but I would strongly advise against doing so unless you're very sure of what you're doing, since the line between banter and offence is a very narrow one at times :) cunt can be directed towards women in the UK, but it is considered far far worse than calling a man a cunt.

I've only heard it used that way a handful of times and it always provokes an extreme response.

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