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Considered one of the most important characters in the show, he was consistently the school's leader, handling teachers and students with problems; much of his character revolved around his pride in the teaching profession and his loyalty to the kids and the faculty.

Her mom tried to fly more under the radar with a straw hat and sunglasses, but she was equally chic in a similar purple T-shirt, long khaki pants, a fashionable dark beige bucket purse and sporty orange driving shoes.

Glassbreakers, the mentorship platform for women, announced its entrance into the enterprise software business, after doing trial runs with Box and Pinterest.

Next year, Glassbreakers will officially launch an enterprise solution for diversity to companies with over 10,000 employees.

“So moving away from the pipeline, but I think that can and will help the pipeline because then they’ll be known as a company that cares about diversity.” Morgen Bromell launched Thurst to serve as the first truly inclusive dating app for gender queer and trans people.

“Our main focus is pretty much security and safety,” Bromell told Tech Crunch in August.

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