Joseph dempsie dating hannah murray

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She earned an English degree at Queens' College, Cambridge.and was a member of the Bristol Old Vic Young Company.

In its time on TV the teen drama dealt with sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll, as well as suicide, eating disorders, teenage pregnancy, bullying, homelessness... But it's kick-started the careers of plenty of British actors and actresses too.Later generations of the show failed to excite viewers like the first did, and while teenagers might have moved on, so had the cast. Obviously I said yes and eventually got cast.” Who did you meet during the process? It was literally: ‘Hi, this is the guy playing Tony. Do you remember the first time you met Nicholas Hoult? Of late, Welsh actress Edwards has participated in some of the very best that British television has to offer - , before taking centre stage in its third and fourth series.She returned in the final episodes, ending up behind bars for insider trading.

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