Is jason dolley dating miley cyrus is jaleen watson dating anybody

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Yes, it has officially been a full decade since Miley Cyrus et al debuted on the small screen to the glee of teens everywhere, eventually going on to span four seasons and 98 episodes all about the regular teen who led a double life as a pop star.But while we all know what would later become of the wholesome teen idol Miley, FEMAIL is taking a look back at the Disney hit show and hunting down the other members of the cast to see how they have weathered the intervening years.

When Miley was born, they named Dolly (who is not an actual blood relation), Miley's godmother.

The following year in 2013, Miley began to completely overhaul her image, starting with chopping off her long locks into a short, platinum blonde pixie cut and began morphing into the tongue-lashing, red-lipped twerking sensation the world knows today.

Soon after releasing her hit single We Can't Stop and starring in an incredibly controversial twerk and grinding-filled performance with Robin Thicke at the 2013 MTV Video Awards, it was revealed that Miley and Liam had ended their engagement.

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