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It has been very hard for me to only see them a couple of times a year if I am lucky.

A simple “Why should we care what other people are doing?

Now, I desperately want us to return to my home to be near my mother and sister, friends, and the type of life I loved living out there.

My husband says he doesn’t want to move and there is too much at stake financially and the schools are better here for our kids -- one in elementary and the other starting high school next year.

You can put a noble face on judging a jawline by telling yourself that people deserve to be loved as a whole. Even if you’re a living birdbath and want only buff, bronze and blond, you’re better off admitting that and cruising lifeguards accordingly than forcing yourself to be deep. DEAR CAROLYN: I’m getting married later this year to a great woman, and we’re paying for the wedding ourselves.

Everything has been going fine with the planning, but lately she’s started to get depressed because we have friends whose parents are paying for very extravagant ceremonies.

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