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Unfortunately you are using an old browser that is unsupported by our new platform. Above is a list of browsers that offer the best Livestream experience.The web's biggest companies, and arguably the best products, are almost always free.These libraries, which are used across apps to show adverts on the device, can be exploited by hackers to take complete control of Android phones and tablets - even if they're running antivirus software.The vulnerability was found in the ad libraries used on popular Android apps (selection pictured) by researchers from California-based Fireye.

However, this can often prove somewhat confusing to users, particularly those who haven’t tried a dating app before.

Unusually, it appears that Chrysaor was never designed to attack as many people as possible.

It was never available to download from Google Play, and has been discovered on less than three dozen devices.

Depending on the permissions the hacker is requesting, this means they can take a photo using the phone’s camera.

The photo filenames can also reveal the GPS co-ordinates of the user (pictured).

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