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Now, instead of a soul mate, he has a sworn enemy in the form of the company’s chief executive, Steven Ward.

It also highlights so-called non-disparagement clauses — provisions that increasingly cropped up in consumer contracts in recent years that forbid people from saying bad things about a company, including on review sites such as Yelp."Companies that try to include these clauses in their terms are predicting that their customers will be unhappy and will bad-mouth their services,” said Emily Rusch, executive director of the California Public Interest Research Group.

“They should instead focus on making sure consumers are satisfied with their services."As of this week, Master Matchmakers had such a clause in its terms of service, leaving Levine with the impression that he could be targeted with a lawsuit for breach of contract.“It’s been very stressful,” he told me. But I feel like if I let them push me around, they’ll just get away with doing it to others.”Ward, for his part, countered that “if we caved every time someone threatened to bad-mouth our business, we wouldn’t be in business.” Arlene Howard’s phone bill said she made a bunch of calls to Cuba, which she didn’t.

Also, the column said that after customer Daniel Levine posted negative reviews on Google and Yelp, Master Matchmakers CEO Steven Ward responded by posting a review of Levine on the Yelp page for Levine's employer, Top Dog Solutions.

That company lists Levine as vice president of operations and his father as president and chief executive.------------Levine’s and Ward’s spat illustrates the frequently toxic nature of negative online reviews, especially for small businesses, as well as the danger of cyberbullying in the form of retaliatory posts from businesspeople who feel they were unfairly criticized.

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