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Throw in two suspended Liberal MPs, Sheila Copps’ anonymous MPP pig and recent outbursts of societal handwringing, angst and “guilt” and it’s a wonder anyone dares stick a toe in a singles bar. She will be so surprised, if she is a regular TTC rider, that she will promptly swoon in your arms. Never curse or use coarse language in the presence of a lady if she has caught your fancy. Or a Habs fan, in which case, run away while you can.

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The man whose flipchart acumen it’s showcasing is Matthew Hussey, a London life coach-turned international dating guru and author, as well as (according to his website) advisor to royalty, hedge fund managers and Christina Aguilera.

They are expected to be actively involved in communities and networks, respectively, are determined to make a change towards a better Indonesia, and want to start a movement or project in their community. A festival, made up of organized seminars and workshops that can be visited by anyone by buying tickets.

Seminar sessions and workshops at the festival are more general, covering a wide range of issues.

Take a class, lock yourself away with a glass of wine or a hot tea or go for a walk.

You need time alone (away from kids and friends) in order to be a good partner and acknowledge the complexity of your identity beyond being a spouse and/or parent.

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