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I dont get any "citrus" from this but its definitely a fresh marine scent with a hint of powder and sweetness. Didn't regret buying this for him, and the scent lingers a long time for more than 10 hours.

It lasts all day and people notice it, its my signature scent. I sprayed on my skin but dry down smell did not turn to what I expected.

Sharp notes of spices are softened by woody base with warm, musky trail. A classic men's aquatic, but it morphs slightly depending on who's wearing it. I soooo wish it was salt air on me, as I've been looking for a scent that is salt air without the white flowers or bergamot.

On me ( a woman) it's very clean, masculine modern style aquatic, which means citrus, vetiver and white flowers. Still, it's a very nice, very easily worn scent, and while many agree it's been over-worn in it's time, it is fairly timeless overall. I got it because it was on special, I've been using it throughout my whole highschool years so I have some memories attached to this scent but its nothing too special. The woody smell is no more but leaving a fresh fruit and water scent, making it smell like a bit to women perfume.

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