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Sometimes the world appears to comprise two sets of people—those who are looking to meet someone, and those who want to match up every single person they know.Now if we could just figure out how to get them together.

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According to the FBI, in the last six months of 2014 Americans lost more than million to online dating fraud in situations similar to the one Riolo recounted. When someone you haven’t met in person wants to quickly leave the dating site’s messaging apps—and the privacy they offer—to talk by phone or send messages to your email address.“I know someone who ran into a scammer while online dating,” says Marc Riolo, a veteran of online dating who lives in Washington State.“My friend was messaging with this guy, who said he was an oil executive flying in and out of the country, stringing her along with excuses for not meeting up.” When the suitor emailed her to say he was in jail and needed bail, the woman’s friends felt compelled to step in.Loot Crate is widely recognized as one of Los Angeles’ hottest startups, and as a global leader in the subscription box industry delivering a monthly mystery crate for gamers, geeks, and fans of pop culture.Marlin is a successful entrepreneur with expertise in management and marketing.

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