Dating greenfield tap and die sets mosc auto updating card

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The product lines include drills, end mills, taps, dies, reamers, countersinks, counterbores, tool bits, and more.These tools are used in a variety of applications—If it’s being drilled, cut, bored, dug, shaped, milled, stamped, formed, drawn, or threaded, Greenfield Industries products are hard at work.If you need a good one of a particular size, buy just the one or two at a time from an industrial supplier.Some imports are super high quality, and usually expensive. I have found decent inexpensive import taps from Eastern European and South American countries. Just knowing it is an import does not tell you if it is good, though the price will give you a clue. I have a BUNCH of individual Morse HSS taps, and they're NICE! In general I have pretty good luck with Greenfield T&D , and the european ones from Poland , or Czec. JR My guess is that the reason the premium suppliers don't make sets is that there is little market demand for a 0 tap & die set.

The operation was moved to Lyndonville, Vermont in 1929 and then to its current location in 1974. Vermont Tap & Die has an exclusive form tap design that no one else offers.Usually, HSS is better quality than carbon steel, and new ones are priced accordingly. Larry My brother gave me a Hanson set a few years ago for christmas. Good luck, John Larry: I have located a Greenfield set and it is old - very old - but looks good to my untrained eye. I use them if I have the size to not beat on my Hansons in the set. But with "quality import " you never really know till you see them . If you want a set to have every size for odd jobs, get the best USA made set you can afford.They're EXCELLENT quality, haven't broken any of them, but I did dull the 10-32 after a BUNCH of stainless. I am a great believer in pawn shops and cruise the local ones here in Huntsville, Ala periodicaly. Another good tap is OSG, I have a few butterfield, and others that came in boxes of junk I picked up here and there. Always get taps with the fewest flutes-- 2 or 3 -- and gun pointed . I built up my set over the years , by buying just a few at a time . just drill some holes in a 2X4 , put some nails on it to stack the dies. But no where near the quality of individual taps I buy made by OSG, Besley or Greenfield. If you are making parts and want good performance and minimum breakage, figure out what sizes you'll use the most and scour Ebay for premium taps & dies from Greenfield, Yamawa, Emuge or OSG.They expanded by buying out most of its local competitors and acquiring other firms for their product lines, including F. The company is still in Greenfield, albeit much smaller, as a subsidiary of Kennametal, Inc. "Little Giant" was a Greenfield Tap & Die trademark (acquired in their 1912 purchase of Wells Brothers Co.) and was found on a broad line of its products.This web site's focus does not include hand tools, so Greenfield Tap & Die Corp. Other firms acquired by Greenfield Tap & Die, e.g., Wiley & Russell Manufacturing Co., also made machinery of interest to woodworkers, but so far we cannot confirm that Greenfield Tap & Die continued making any woodworking machines other than the Little Giant lathe.

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