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Things are good – it’s always exciting and interesting, and somewhat unbelievable, when you begin to get to know someone.To go out and each time learn a little bit more about them, the window into their lives opening a little bit more.Anyway, she wanted a translator because she spoke no English.My Russian is decent, but it's not like I'm fluent enough to speak about anything and everything.d) Lone shopkeepers: Chinese women are far more receptive when nobody is watching. ” I show them a text message in Chinese, about a movie or whatever, and act like I can’t read it.

Whether you've grown up in a household that speaks a different language primarily, or you were born in another country, speaking a language that's not your first is really hard.

But, naturally, that’s not what’s on your mind when you first start out.

You don’t meet the handsome stranger and think, “Hmm, we only have a limited shared vocabulary to verbally communicate to each other with…this could cause some problems.” No, no, no – you think, “Hmm, I’m in an exotic country and this handsome stranger is pretty dang intriguing…and their English is really good…but I’m sure this isn’t going to go anywhere, that’s just silly, and…shit, they just kissed me.” And then you’re screwed.

Their outlook on life is often different from westerners'. This and a preference for sons, means that 120 males are born for every 100 females.

Many of those that made it past the abortionist’s scalpel have lost their goddamn minds. Meeting them a) Social circles: Chinese people are inherently mistrustful of strangers since everyone is considered a potential swindler (with good reason in China).

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