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Her on-screen presence practically extinguishing candles in your living room.It's Claire's trajectory which takes hold in a season where supporting characters are somewhat disappointingly thrown to the wayside.

Season five marks the first season without showrunner Beau Willimon whose departure paved the way for executive producers Melissa James Gibson and Frank Pugliese to step in.

Deadline Sure there are cries of “Not my President” and a ban that may seem familiar to some in America 2017, but House of Cards Season 5 has let its own crazy flow a bit freer and brought back the swagger that so characterized the first couple of seasons of the show before perpetually scheming South Carolina Congressman Underwood became POTUS, and equally if not more Machiavellian Claire stepped into the White House.

Digital Spy By this stage, it's no surprise to hear Wright is a phenomenon in the role [of Claire] .

The following are characters who first appeared in the BBC soap opera East Enders during 2012 listed by order of first appearance. The first character to be introduced was the undertaker, Les Coker.

New characters were introduced by Bryan Kirkwood, executive producer. The first regular character to be announced was Ray Dixon, the father of Morgan Butcher, followed by Alice Branning, the daughter of Derek Branning and, Alice's brother, Joey.

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