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Santa Fe Trading Post has a complete history of Corning Ware including ...Singles · Souvenir Glasses · Gay Fad Era · Gay Fad Blog. These were quickly followed by fin-handled clear glass lids, and in 1962, Corning Ware ....Addition will cover the metals required to produce the various colors of glass.Finally, we discuss each individual "Types of Glass", its associated chemical formulation and or what manufacturing process is required to produce that individual type of glass.

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Silica, (SIO2) the major component in sand and has a melting point 1600 - 1800C.

Sand has a melting point of approximately 2000C or 3632F depending upon the trace metals contained in the sand.

The first step to understanding the different "Types of Glass" is to know how clear "Basic Glass" is made.

Next, we will discuss what chemicals are used to manufacture or improve clear basic glass.

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