Dating and chemicals in the brain consolidating student loans from aes

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In fact, alcohol’s effects can be similar to those of antianxiety medications.

Occasionally unwinding with alcohol isn’t necessarily dangerous if your doctor approves.

It seems human beings are under chronic stress these days.

Below is a brief discussion of the multiple biological, psychological and social factors that have been identified as being related to the development of depression.

In context of the Diathesis-Stress hypothesis, the biological factors typically function as diatheses, the psychological factors may serve as diatheses or stressors, and sociological factors tend to function as stressors or triggers.

Biology of Depression You may have heard that depression is the result of a simple imbalance of brain chemicals.

The Builder, with high serotonin activity, is cautious, conventional, managerial.

The Director, pumped up with testosterone, is aggressive, single-minded, analytical.

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