Dating a man whose wife cheated

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We talked for about 6 months before we actually became intimate Everything was great, we didn't see each other often because he lived an hour away and we were just really busy.One day I called him and the wife answered and she asked why was I calling her husband.Understanding your partner can help you to not take the distrust personally, but resolving the issue is necessary if you want the relationship to survive.The best way to gain someone's trust is to be consistently trustworthy.People learn a lot about their own character flaws during a marriage and for a second marriage, you can bet your ass that if the guy is smart, he won’t repeat his mistakes.In fact, he’ll go out of his way to not repeat his mistakes.

They rarely traveled together or just hung out together watching movies on a lazy afternoon.It took him a few years to get me to cross the step to become involved with him. We do go places and I enjoy spending time with him, but it goes agains't everything I use to be believe in. Linda Adler is the director of Pathfinders Medical in Palo Alto, California.She has dedicated her professional life to helping patients and their families find optimal ways to deal with medical challenges.A WOMAN EMAILED THIS TO ME AND I MUST SHARE:*Deep Breath* So I really felt the need to share this because I am so tired of seeing women writing about dating married men and how he won't leave his wife and blah blah blah.I am a 30 year old female and I have wrote before but asked to keep my email private from fb, well this time I want it to be posted on FB.

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