Datasource onupdating

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The Object Data Source control is not the panacea of all Web data access issues.

It is simply a tool; a powerful tool indeed but not necessarily ideal for every situation.

For this you can easily create a protected method and use databind to display the username in the txt User Name Text Box.

But, now the question is that how will you update the username or send the username to the database.

This way groups, metrics, and fields properties of // query Config will be ignored and visualization variables will be used // to determine actual groups, metrics and fields.

The Object Data Source control enables developers to associate data or business layer classes with the ASP. I covered some aspects of the Object Data Source control in "Cache In Using the Object Data Source Control" specifically, the object instantiation and data caching.

Like other data source controls, Object Data Source supports declarative parameters to allow developers to pass page-level variables to the object s methods.

For example I get total data from below like "123456", but I want to display as "123,456" How can I do this? I have used Data Format String="" and it solved the above problem.

Do I need to convert the bound field into a template field ?

var query Config = ; // Visualizing from a query: // Creating a query and using it in visualize method allows you to use // query instance to manipulate data.

Moreover visualization variables // will have no effect on the query.

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