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Being away from your support system is always really hard. We're also doing G Sandwich at the Nationals baseball stadium. What was the toughest challenge about being on the show? You still have the support from your fans and friends, but that was the hardest. And I was planning a dish, but then they said you couldn't use any meat. So I made one with three ingredients: leeks, carrots and potatoes. I remember in the finale with Kristen [Kish], we were en route to the finale and she had a headache.

But because I've always worked away from home it wasn't as hard for me. There were so many times I wanted to go home when people started talking about my food. You're always working for somebody and making other people's food as a caterer, and I never thought of what my voice was until now. Do you remember the dishes that led to your elimination? I offered her Advil and she thought I was trying to drug her!

It’s just too perfect with what we are [at a movie theater-themed restaurant] and it makes complete sense. In that time period, I decided to leave both the restaurants that I had. Being a Chicagoan, I had never had a car because it’s a pedestrian city, so at 42 I bought my first car ever.

I wasn’t happy—I was having a mid-life crisis: I’d just turned 40, my dad just passed away and I just needed a life change. I had to get my license when I moved to Montana, but before that it had been almost 10 years since I had one. We’re such a culturally important destination for music and we’re starting to get [more] into food—there are a lot of very worthy chefs here.

Jack Mackenroth excels in the pool and on reality TV By Ross Forman For It was his mom, Bonnie, who got him into swimming.

In 1997, Mackenroth went to work for Tommy Hilfiger and then designed for Levis Slates brand.Favorite athlete: Michael Phelps Hobby: Bicycle riding On the Gay Games: “The Gay Games in Chicago were great, a great experience.To be in an atmosphere where everyone is very accepting and tolerant, and really just celebrating participation and personal best, it just is a really positive atmosphere., we've met dozens of culinary geniuses—and it isn't just the winners who've gone on to have incredible careers. I also did a cheese souflee and the oven was too hot and that was a mess. Not having that, you learn a bit about yourself and patience. The hype has died down a little but the activity hasn't. I wasn't confident I would be able to perform in front of cameras.As the finale of Season 11 gets set to ignite tomorrow (tune in at 10/9c), we caught up with runners-up and fan favorites from all seasons to find out their biggest regrets, the lessons they learned, and how their lives have changed since the competition. For All Stars, I did this pork dish and it was overcooked. When I did All-Stars, I became friends with everyone and focused on myself. Dale Levitski, Season 3 and Season 8: All-Stars How has life changed for you since ? I was afraid of embarrassing myself on national TV.

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