Cost of updating health care technology

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Although it will take years for health care to realize all these improvements and fully address any pitfalls, the first changes in this transformation are already underway.At the same time, numerous technology tools are becoming available to improve health for you, your family, and your community.Several types of quality problems in health care have been documented through peer-reviewed research. There continues to be a pattern of wide variation in health care practice, including regional variations and small-area variations.This is a clear indicator that health care practice has not kept pace with the evolving science of health care to ensure evidence-based practice in the United States. Millions of people do not receive necessary care and suffer needless complications that add to costs and reduce productivity.

Before you invest in new IT equipment this year, we encourage you to evaluate your spending history and implement best practices that will improve your bottom line. ( defines TCO as the total cost of using and maintaining an IT investment over time.Every day, millions of Americans receive high-quality health care that helps to maintain or restore their health and ability to function. Quality problems are reflected in a wide variation in the use of health care services, underuse of some services, overuse of other services, and misuse of services, including an unacceptable level of errors.A central goal of health care quality improvement is to maintain what is good about the existing health care system while focusing on the areas that need improvement.That means that whenever you see a new physician, you could stop filling out endless paper forms, as your doctor could access everything about you on the computer."Imagine a world where everything important about a patient is known to the physician the first time that patient presents,” says Andrew Rubin, vice president for NYU Medical Center Clinical Affairs and Affiliates in New York City.

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