Consolidating student loans from aes

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Three of them are Federal student loans and two of them are private. Here is what you need to know about consolidating and refinancing your Federal and private student loans together.Consolidating multiple loans into one single loan can really help borrowers who prefer to have a simple, single payment for their student loans.The simple fact is that if you have had trouble making your monthly payments, or if you’re already in default, then you will need to be especially careful about choosing a debt consolidation company, because you are the primary target of the scam artists.Fortunately, the good news is that trusted lenders are available to consolidate your loans and help you save literally thousands of dollars each year.There are many potential benefits to refinancing student loans.If you have been making regular payments on your existing loans, you may be wondering how refinancing may benefit you.

Private student loan holders are neither required to allow you to consolidate them or make it easy for you to do so.My favorite company in the industry is the Private Student Loan Relief Helpline, which is a group of student loan servicers focused entirely on private debt (not Federal or Government loans).I like this company because they have ties to all of the major banks that operate in the industry and they can shop rates, compare offers, and find out exactly which program will save you the most money, and make it easiest for you to get out of debt quickly.For example, with Citizens Bank you can refinance both federal and private student loans with the Education Refinance Loan for a single, more manageable monthly payment.You may also be able to receive a lower interest rate and/or lower payment.

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