Christian dating someone different religion

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When you weigh the fact that most of the couples who divorce come from homogeneous religious and ethnic backgrounds the entire issue of marriage and religious differences take on a whole new meaning.If people who come from backgrounds with shared values cannot save their marriages is there any hope for those who come from different backgrounds?The Bible is clear that Christians should not have close friendships with non-Christians.But what does the Bible teach about dating and marriage? Is it a sin for a Christian to date a non-Christian?Have you ever dated someone who was really religious and he/she chose religion over you?The thing is, I’m not of any religion, but I’m pretty open-minded.Your question is deeply important for yourself, this girl and many other people today.The reason it is important is that in the modern world it is more common than ever for people to meet and marry across ethnic, religious and racial lines.

Finding a partner seemed difficult enough; finding common ground with God seemed like yet another obstacle.

The old romantic idea that "love conquers all" does not hold true in the real world.

If it did the world rate of divorce would be a lot lower.

The decision to marry or not when there are very great differences in religion should not be made easily or lightly.

The consequences for yourself and the girl you love can have reverberations that can impact the happiness of each of you.

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