Care backdating

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Standard backdating An initial claim can be backdated if the circumstances entitling the person to tax credits have subsisted for the period of the backdating.

Backdating more than 31 days/1 month There are two situations in which it is possible to get backdating of more than 31days/1 month: Refugee status If a person has claimed asylum as a refugee and is then awarded refugee status, providing they apply for tax credits within one month of receiving notification of that refugee status, they will be treated as if they made their tax credits claim from the original date they claimed asylum.To receive the maximum 18 weeks payment, you need to claim within 34 weeks of your child’s birth or adoption. To receive Dad and Partner Pay, submit your claim: Read more about Dad and Partner Pay.To receive Child Care Benefit as a fee reduction paid directly to your provider, you need to submit a claim for Child Care Benefit for approved care.For fortnightly payments for an older child in your care, submit your claim as soon as you think you are eligible to receive payment.There are time limits for submitting a lump sum claim for the previous financial year. To receive Parental Leave Pay, submit your claim: To receive Parental Leave Pay from your child’s date of birth or date of adoption, you need to submit your claim and proof of birth within 28 days of your child’s birth.

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