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Once fully enlightened, one is liberated from rebirths, reaching a state of absolute selflessness resulting in ultimate bliss called Nirvana--the "Deathless State." One becomes Buddha (or one with Buddha). Evil doings may result when egoism, cravings, attachments, and ignorance are expressed as greed, hatred, and violence, which, if unmitigated, is perpetuated through rebirth.

I suppose everyone is afraid of true intimacy, but it's what everyone wants. I think I would like to develop a friendship first and then ...

What I am looking for is examples of Buddhism in popular culture. If you are interested, the essay will examine the dissonance between Buddhist practices in North America to its portrayal in popular culture.)The central plot to the show My Name is Earl is Earl's ongoing quest to right all his wrongs for good Karma. Im here for inner peace, not that science fiction crap. There have been a couple, I think- there's still a Bodhi tree in the back yard (sometimes), and in a Christmas episode she says that as a Buddhist, she believes people would be happier without possessions.

Finding examples from movies and books which had Buddhist themes prevalent in them was rather easy; finding/recalling examples of Buddhism in television has been more troublesome (not watching television hinders my expertise in this area). Of course, his idea of Karma (he seems to think it's an actual God or physical being I think) isn't quite right, but the spirit is there. BUDDHA: Max Evans changed you when he saved your life. The OP does say he was aware of this example, but he's going to hear everything there is to hear about it.

To eliminate karma, which causes rebirth, one must extinguish the belief in a separate self that give rise to cravings, desires, and attachments.

The path to enlightenment includes loving-kindness and compassion, moral conduct, charity, wisdom, and meditation.

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