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The truth came out: Brad and Jen tried to have a baby, but she miscarried.

“He had never told Angie this before,” the insider revealed and added that the 36-year-old felt “betrayed.” “She had assumed all along that she was the only woman Brad had ever impregnated.

And this was not to be a political thing, this was to make my children comfortable and they said they knew that Michael wouldn't want him there and they didn't want him there." Osmond and Blosil adopted Michael as a baby, but the boy was estranged from his father at the time of his death.Osmond split from her second husband in 2007 after 21 years of marriage.Marie Osmond got married Wednesday to someone she's known a long time: She remarried first husband Stephen Craig, whom she divorced in 1985 after three years of marriage.Sadly, Marie's second son, Michael, committed suicide last year, and Marie chose today for the wedding as it would have been both his birthday and that of her late mother, Olive.She told website "It was important that both Michael and my » Marie Osmond and former basketball player Stephen Craig are now man and wife... The former (and current) couple has rekindled their flame nearly 30 years after they first tied the knot, People reports.

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