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Audrey would’ve taken over her father’s business and would’ve been married to Agent Cooper with many children, doing everything correct. SF: No, but that was pretty close to the first thing I did, which was a movie. It was so long ago, but I know I was a girl at a funeral with a couple of others. [Hesitates.] Originally it was called Cross Winds, but I want to say that they eventually named it something stupid. AVC: Was there a particular project that you can look back on as the moment when you first started taking it seriously? Well, I was trying to take it seriously, because I’d met a few teachers who were really remarkable, but I was 17 and coming out of Michigan, and that’s very different than 17 or 18 in L. I was desperate to understand how one reveals truth through their work, not how one pretends. ” AVC: I’m becoming increasingly convinced that there’s no such thing as a throwaway part in a David Lynch film. My perspective is that he honors every single person’s story, every presence in every moment. L.—always says that Jennifer did a great job of raising him. You’ve done what you’ve done, you haven’t done what you haven’t done, and now you are up for judgment.”SF: [Wistfully.] Yeah. And in a weird way, my mother was like that woman, so… Milo leaves and goes to Venice Beach to find his real father, and I had short white-blonde hair and was the stepmother, and I had, like, 20 dogs. But then the network said that Milo wasn’t strong enough to hold his own show. ” Ruby (1992)—“Sheryl Ann Du Jean / Candy Cane”SF: AVC: As far as the dancing, did you actually have a coach who helped you prepare?

Silence Of The Heart (1984)—“Monica”Out Of Control (1985)—“Katie”AVC: In trying to go as far back as possible in your filmography, it’s kind of hard to determine what your first on-camera role was, but it looks like it could’ve been playing Monica in Silence Of The Heart. SF: The first thing was a goofy movie in Yugoslavia that… SF: Well, I know it wasn’t a conscious plan on my part. I said, “Oh well, I’ll act.” I started to study, but I didn’t know what I was doing, and I don’t know that I was taking it very seriously then. I mean, this is only my personal observation, but if someone even just walks through the frame sweeping the floor or is an extra… When you finish something and you let it out there, it is completely out of your control. [Hesitates.] I was just feeling like I was being judged or something. I thought it was a love story, which was really a primary difference—and a problem—between me and my director. I mean, that’s why I felt she was willing to let everything go. And then they were going to do a spin-off with Milo [Ventimiglia], and she wrote this great character for me named Sasha.

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Stage play: Arcadia-playing Septimus Hodge, at the Vivian Beaumont Theatre at Lincoln Center (Broadway), New York.

Billy’s great-grandfather Thomas was the son of John Boddie Crudup and Ellen Mishew/Meshew/Mishna Mc Neill.

Mary Pender was the daughter of Joseph Bryan Coffield and Elizabeth P. Billy’s paternal grandmother was Priscilla Anne Parham (the daughter of William Brooks Parham and Alma Elizabeth Johnson).

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