Angelina johnny depp dating

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“Nothing physical happened, but it’s been like a pressure cooker between them.

Her mother has passed away, and her relationship with her father, Jon Voight, 77, is strained at best.He didn’t have a lawyer or anything.” On the financial side, it doesn’t look like Pitt’s divorce with Jolie is going to cost him a lot of money.However, Jolie has requested physical custody of their six children, which could spark a drawn-out custody battle.Johnny Depp is one of her only friends in the world! But before you start panting at the notion of more gorgeous children, let’s be clear that for now, Angie and Johnny are JUST FRIENDS. Should Johnny and Angie take their relationship to the next level, or do they need some alone time to heal their wounds?Angelina Jolie (Twitter)Actress Angelina Jolie is reportedly dating actor Johnny Depp, after a controversial divorce with actor Brad Pitt.

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